Shalala Lodge Quilotoa

Native forest, in it we find a biodiversity of vegetation, for nature lovers. You will enjoy a wonderful natural charm in the open air, in the immensity of this forest! Bathing in the Pailacocha Waterfall where the indigenous women take a bath to drive away evil spirits. Or visit the Cheese Factory with Swiss Technology.

According to local stories, Quilotoa is «the lake of the god of duality» – the god of eruption who takes away everything in his way to the God of the deep.

Local communities note that the color of the water lake is constantly changing, sometimes it is turquoise and other times it is yellowish or greenish.

Quilotoa is located in Cotopaxi Province, between Pujilí and Sigchos; It is part of the Ilinizas Nature Reserve. One of the alternatives that allow you to enjoy the essence of the Quilotoa lagoon is to visit the Zumbahua-Chungchilan tourist Trail, which promises to be an unforgettable memory, since it contains a wide range of landscapes and activities.


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