El Chaupi

ande-alpes-cafe-aae-10Due to its strategic location, El Chaupi makes it easy for world travelers to: Hikes in the paramo of the Ilinizas Ecological Reserve, Horseback Riding; Ice climbing in the southern iliniza; Rock climbing in the north iliniza, visit of lagoons; Visit the thermal waters of the Ilinizas; Climbing the Corazón volcano; Impressive views of the Cotopaxi Volcano from the sales of the Hostel; Visit to the indigenous market of Saquisili; visit the beautiful Quilotoa lagoon, sport fishing and lots of adventure.

Andes AlpesChaupi-Ilinizas located at the foot of the Iliniza volcano (5126 meters) El Chaupi boasts spectacular views of volcanoes and other mountains.

A few hours away from Quito you could be surfing in the Pacific Ocean, climbing the highest mountains and active volcanoes in the world, hiking (or kayaking) through the Amazon rainforest or shopping in one of the famous indigenous markets as enjoying the beauty of nature in its purest form in the Galapagos Islands.
Our café, a popular place for foreigners and nationals of all levels.